Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Tell Your God to Ready for Blood"

or 'Who the fuck are the Cornish?"

Well this is woefully late but I had solid reasons and unavoidable commitments and since the second ep. hasn’t aired yet I consider it still within the deadline, if barely. And let me say your post, oh one below me, was excellent – was that too ‘mutual admiration society’? Well, all those who think so suck cock by choice.

I’ll begin with some of the questions that you ended with. As to Joanie and Cy ‘when will that cocksucker die’ Tolliver: I can only think that like the loyalty Al inspires, his deservedly so, Joanie feels beholden to her once pimp although she certainly shouldn’t but we’ve seen before how classically ‘big hearted whore’ she is. Her serious thoughts of suicide (Don’t do it Joanie!) show how that’s working for her.

I have no idea who this Shaunessey person is or where he came from but I’m glad he’s not being played by Garrett Dillahunt. Not that old Gar hasn’t done a good job with both his characters from both seasons: Francis Wolcott and Jack McCall - I just don’t want them to do that David Lynch shit again. And I love me some David Lynch just not in my gritty, grimy, gofer guts westerns.

So, to begin proper now, episode 25 – first of the 3rd season and what looks to be the last season of Deadwood (hobo cocksuckers!) is titled ‘Tell Your God to Ready for Blood’ Whoo-Hoo! Excellent title and so aptly delivered by Al (to 'fuckin' pagan' Richardson, do you remember who gave him those horns? If I remember correctly, it was Alma who gave Richardson his ‘god’). My title however would have to be ‘Who the fuck are the Cornish and where the hell are they from?!’ Was that the most made up, pidgin, pig latin sounding language you ever heard? I was totally perplexed and had to look it up but that’s just another thing I love about Deadwood; it makes me have to go look shit up – how much t.v. does that nowadays? So, yup, they’re real, so is the language and they’re not related to the hoopleheads – if you want to know more go look it up ya lazy cocksuckers and spare me the hen jokes!

I definitely should have watched, at very least season two, again before last Sunday’s premier – it had been so long I just sat there dazzled and dumbfounded (mostly by the language) on the first viewing.

We start with a beautiful sunrise and a killing...
Al drinks his morning coffee like it's fuckin whiskey – well, maybe it is.
Why is Wu out of camp?
Who is fuckin sweeter than Ellsworth? I tell ya, if I was knocked up with the sheriff’s bastard there’s no one I’d rather have around.
God I love Jane, I can’t wait to call someone out on their ‘man-toad figure’.
‘Wash and stack shitmonkey or ready yourself for worse.’
I don’t believe for a second that Cy has found religion.
Speaking of Shakespeare – Al scrubbing out ‘that damned spot’? Nice. He did that once in the first season too, I believe.

‘I’m in crisis too, needing awfully to piss’ Oh, I been there. ‘Why not cork up and go on stage with that tragic fucking mistral turn?’ – ho-ho, Trixie ain’t buying Silas’s bullshit for a second! I can’t pick a single favorite line from this episode – sometimes one will echo in my head longer that others and it’s clear but not for this ep. but I think Trixie on the whole has more than her share of great lines this time. ‘Yes, Miss Bernhardt, I am.’ So great. And if ya don’t know who Sarah Bernhardt is, than look her up ya ignorant, lazy cocksuckers! Trixie really looks like a whore, too. She’s got a hardness to her jaw and thin lips that really conveys the hard life she’s had. Love her for that, and the casting director. Oh, and the actor who plays Silas – his real name is Titus Welliver, which is kinda amazing and great - he coulda kept his real name and fit right in Deadwood.

Al has great hair.

Oh my gawd, Bullock’s face when meeting with Hearst! Like he was suddenly beset with bad allergies and some serious acid reflux.

Ok, E.B.’s beating was random and fierce but deserved in the karmic sense, I suppose. As Al put it ‘He’s still way ahead of the game.’ I assume in terms of all the beatings he’s deserved and escaped.

Oh, Bullock’s guilt and rage – sitting himself down in the jail cell. Only Charlie Utter could could talk him into seeing reason and some perspective.

Why doesn’t Joanie sleep at the Bella Union, now school house? Too many bad memories? Oh, I get it – she does sleep at the Bella, perhaps she just rents that room to kill herself in? How considerate.

I love that Al played drunk – as if! For Hearst. So clever, trying to get him to underestimate him, I presume. ‘I’ll not have myself called powerful in your company – or the Captain’s’ Dangerous, yes.

So, is Hearst the grizzly bear?

Body Count: 1
Garrett Dillahunt sightings: 0, so far…
Ominous Al looks: 2 by my count, although he kinda always looks like that.
Beers consumed (by me): 5, includes both viewings.


Blogger Ian C. said...

Why IS Wu out of camp? Did we miss that? I can't remember.

(Though it looks like he'll return next week. What if he's learned English?!?!)

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