Sunday, July 02, 2006

Shall We Clatter Those Motherfuckers Again?

Episode 27 – True Colors

Huh, well your ‘late’ is my ‘right on time’! Well, no, not exactly – this is cutting it a bit too close for even my procrastinating tendencies…

My first impression of the show was Wow! Holy fuck – look at all the new characters! Love Brian Cox, can’t believe they didn’t tap him any sooner. (He’s had quite a well deserved renaissance of his career, hasn’t he?) So it was hardly a surprise to see him. It was however a pleasant surprise to see Cynthia Ettinger – previously Rita Sue on hobo’s Carnivale. I love when they do that in tv land! I guess she’s an actress in Langrishe’s troop or something – we shall see.

The best though has to be this Aunt Lou character – her relationship with Hearst is interesting and I loved that turn around at the end when she’s lettin’ it all hang out while kickin’ butt at mah jong. Hardly the meek little cook she pretends to be. She was probably feeling safe that no one understands what she’s saying while in ‘chink alley’ (as Al calls it I believe) but that was Wu (wasn’t it) watching her there - and it fully looked like he was listening and understanding (as you mentioned) more than he chooses to let on. Or maybe just realizing the potential advantage of Aunt Lou’s penchant for gambling. I also enjoyed seeing her leading Richardson around by the hand – he looked so happy! And, once again, Deadwood manages to deftly exploit and undermine the usual sterotypes.

They are certainly expounding more on Hearst’s full psycho-crazyness – which is good to see. I was getting tired of just hearing from others the he’s a blood thirsty fiend. I thought his scene with Alma was even more frightening than last weeks with Al. So much anger – so much crazy! And virtually from nowhere. I wonder why she didn’t go to Bullock for comfort? I suppose there are a lot of reasons but I though she surely was about to say something to him when they crossed paths in the street after her freaky meeting with Hearst. Alma seriously needs to listen to people once and a while.

I hope you’re not right about Ellsworth! But things don’t look too good…

Trixie did totally kick ass in this epi (more than usual even).

My favorite line is kinda stupid this week – it mostly has to do with the delivery, but I loved when Langrishe looks at Wu’s pigs has exclaims ‘Ah -Bacon!’ Cracked me up!

I think the Doc probably has TB.

Oh, and if you start another fucking post with a fucking apology I’m going to go labile on your ass.

Body Count: 1, if you count the miner killed off screen.
Words I Had to Look Up: 2, capon (I thought it was a fish and was very confused – how does one geld a fuckin fish?) and labile (Trixie took the words out of my mouth on that one).
Beers Consumed: 4


Blogger Ian C. said...

Another question I forgot in my post:

What are the chances Al loses his hand, due to that finger being chopped off? ("The puss is a deeper yellow!")

I wasn't sure if he got treatment from Doc or not, but in this episode, it sounded as if he did.

9:57 PM  
Blogger ah said...

That was kinda bothering me, too. I had worry - I needed to see al get that taken care of!

I assume it was Doc who wrapped him up - that looked a bit too neatly done for dan... assuming Doc didn't cough on the wound while he was at it - I think it'll be ok...

5:34 PM  

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