Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tactics or True Position?

Episode 28 – Full Faith and Credit

Well Sir, if that’s what you can do just from memory I am truly humbled! Mornin truly is the best time to go fuck yerself!

Excellent episode! Lots of wheelin and dealin happening. Plans and loans for a real city – the constant struggle for ‘civilization’ in the middle of ‘lawless’ Deadwood.

It’s always an insult when someone tells you to go fuck yourself but coming from an ex-whore? Whoa.

Poor Al - he’s so verklempt he can’t get his hard-on – and just keeps blaming that baby-faced in puppy-love whore Dolly. Hardly the first time when seen him soliloquize while being - ahem ‘serviced’. When she said she didn’t want to vote for Bullock ‘cause he yells at Al >sniff!<

Steve just makes me sick. It’s surprising that he’s actually good with the horses… I guess even cocksuckers have some worth.

I don’t believe for a second that Claudia doesn’t know about gambling – is she just board outta her gourd or is her seduction of Stapleton (yuck!) perhaps ‘tactics’ to some end?

I would not have been a bit surprised if Bullock just literally exploded in a cartoon-like burst! Did you notice Bullock’s purple velvet lookin’ tie? Wtf?

My favorite line (it’s always hard to pick just one but) – I loved when Jane said ‘Fucking Steve. The exact type of malicious cocksucker tars every fucking drunk with his brush.’

So how many jobs does Trixie have?! And now she’s now lending her considerable people skills to that of bank teller.

Loved the ‘where would the stage be?’ scene between Jane and Joanie.

Oh, and Holy Hammered Shit! Alma’s Back on the Dope!

Unsuccessful blowjobs: 2, at least that we saw.
Backs in rebellion: 1, but who cares about that cocksucker?
Times I had to rewind to catch the dialog: 2
Beers Consumed: 3


Blogger Ian C. said...

I forgot about Dolly saying she wouldn't vote for Bullock. That was strangely touching. And who says Al doesn't have a heart! He let her start blowing him again!

Now that you mention it, I think Trixie is like Mystique in the X-Men movies. Whatever Magneto needs her to do - fly a helicopter, reboot Cerebro, turn up the water pressure valves at Alkali Lake - she can do it. Trixie's the same way. Whatever Al, Sol, Alma, or Doc needs her to do, she's able.

I liked the "where would the stage be?" line because I was thinking the same thing.

And dude, I completely missed that about Alma. See what happens when HBO On Demand fucks me? Up the rear-like and all?

6:37 PM  
Blogger ah said...

Thanks for the comments - i'm glad i didn't just shove that post in a drawer as originally planned! In re-reading it today though I noticed how disjointed and crappy it was! The quality of my post seems to be in reverse of the quality of the episode. - oh and fueled by caffeine, obviously!

10:46 AM  

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