Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If only Alma knew...

I haven't been able to find too many interesting nuggets related to Deadwood lately. But while reading this New York Times article on the upcoming movie Hollywoodland, about the mystery surrounding George Reeves' apparent suicide, I tripped over this little tidbit about Jim Beaver, who plays the (now sadly departed - though I have yet to write about it) Mr. Ellsworth.

Set for release by Focus Features on Sept. 8, “Hollywoodland” stars Ben Affleck as Reeves and Adrien Brody as a detective investigating his death. Jim Beaver, who plays Whitney Ellsworth on the HBO series “Deadwood,” served as technical advisor. Mr. Beaver has spent decades researching Reeves’s life and death and plans to publish a book revealing his findings.

Who knew? Well, I suppose if I'd read Beaver's bio at the HBO Deadwood site, I might have noticed that he is indeed working on such a book. (Actually, the bio's worth a read, anyway. Beaver's had a quite an interesting career as an actor and writer.)

And if you read his IMDB bio, you'll see that his Deadwood character, Whitney Ellsworth (Have we ever heard his first name used?), is named after a producer on the show that made George Reeves famous, "The Adventures of Superman."

I was going to say this was curious timing, given what happened on last Sunday's episode. Of course, this has much more to do with Hollywoodland coming out in a couple of weeks.


Blogger Paul Dennis said...

We learn Whitney Conway Ellsworth's full name in the marriage ceremony at the conclusion of season two.

Paul Dennis
Host, The Real Deadwood Podcast

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