Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jane Says

I'm glad this was "in print" (online) and not televised, because at this point, I'm not sure I could process watching Robin Weigert talk so much out of character. It's jarring enough already to see her talk normally on things like "Women of Deadwood." And that's just one or two sentences!

Anyway, here's an interview with Joseph Hudak of Highlights include something I think we should all be treated to on a DVD special feature someday:

TV Guide: How much of Jane's mannerisms and speech inflections are yours and how much is [creator] David Milch's vision for the character?

Weigert: Well, not to make it seem mystical, but this character kind of came to me whole. I just kind of found this person. The key to it, though, is the words on the page. I think what [Milch] does is take what he sees from us and then build on it, and start to write to it. He does a fantastic Jane! When he has an idea that's very clear to him, he'll sometimes "do" her.

Weigert also complains about the "cleaner" language they have to use, now that the dialogue is being re-looped for syndication. "Freakin'" and "cobshucker"? You've gotta be kidding.

I'm sure everyone in Deadwood is referring to people who shuck corn. And what about classic lines like, "Those that doubt me, suck cock by choice." Now, Nuttall will be insulting those who choose to divest corn cobs of their husks? Oy.

I'm digressing, aren't I?


Blogger Paul Dennis said...

Paula Malcomson talks about syndication looping in this excerpt from the press conference with the Deadwood actors visiting Deadwood in June '05. And Robin talks more out of character in this interview about her poker experience prior to her playing in the Deadwood Shootout Poker Tournament.

Paul Dennis
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