Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's all about the mustache

Here's a feature on Timothy Olyphant from the Boston Herald. Too bad they didn't run a full interview.

Among the highlights? The drama resulting from Olyphant trying to grow back his mustache after shaving it off for a romantic comedy he did with Jennifer Garner.

“There was a big brouhaha among the producers,” Olyphant said during a recent phone interview. “With this particular job, it’s not just about wrapping in time to be ready to shoot. It was wrapping in time to then grow a mustache to be ready to shoot. It’s one of those little things you don’t think about when you jump on board to a western. I remember going out and doing press for the first time, and everybody wanted to know if the mustache was real. It was always, like, one of the first three questions that came out of every interview. I’m convinced that what they are really asking is, ‘Are you a real man, or are you just pretending to be one on TV?’”

There's also some stuff about David Milch's frequent last-minute script changes and the upcoming end of the show. (At the time of the interview, Olyphant hadn't signed on for the two movies that will tie up the story. No idea if he - or any of the other cast - has done so yet.)


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