Sunday, July 02, 2006

Episode 27: "True Colors"

When did I turn recluse? Once again, I've spent the past week neglecting this here record of our Deadwood watching. For that inconsideration, my humblest and sincere apologies. Much like Merrick, I've been occupied with letters, ink, and typeface for the past few days. And you know how much work that is. After all, we don't see much of Merrick in a given week, do we?

So only the most minimum of civilities - hello, how are you, a bit cloudier than Saturday - before we get on with the high points of the fuckin' high points of last week's episode.

Let's start with Trixie, because I loved her first scene with Al. (And has every episode this season begun with Al in a contemplative moment?) She seems to be the embodiment of the old adage, "behind every strong man is a strong woman." She sees Al sulking and licking his wounds (well, not literally, since that puss is a deeper yellow), and almost doesn't recognize the man she knows so well. So Trixie goads him into action, as she has with all of the men in her life. Every one of them - Al, Sol, and Doc - are better men because of her. And wasn't she the one who pushed Ellsworth into "doing the right thing," and asking Alma to marry him? (Okay, so that's not working out so well for the poor bastard, but still...)

But I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. Wasn't the first time we saw Trixie after she just put a bullet through some cocksucker's temples?

What took more shots and insults in this episode, Wu's wardrobe or Alma's promiscuity? Why was everyone ripping on Wu's Charlie Chan get-up? I thought he looked cool! Yet there's Al, telling Wu he looks "like a fucking idiot," and Langrishe saying he hoped Al was Wu's backer, rather than his tailor. What, a Chinaman can't clean up and look dapper? Can't an Asian brother get some hingdai and chung-kwo (sp?) in this town?

By the way, are we going to find out someday that Wu really does know English, and is kind of fucking with Al? I know - probably not. But with Wu's definitive "hai" after Al complimented (well, sort of) his growing knowledge of the language, I thought about how my mother used to (and very rarely sometimes still does) act like she didn't quite understand English when she wanted to get out of a conversation or couldn't be bothered. Man, it's so great that he's back.

Then there's Alma. Oh, her ears must've been burning, with Al saying she "goes through her men like Sherman through the fuckin' sea," and Farnum spitting out his unsolicited diatribe: "A haughty cunt. Formerly weak for dope. Most fundamentally a sexual piquant [I think that's the word he used], though I'm sworn against providing specifics." Maybe a little too much info for Mr. Hearst, E.B. Though I believe he referenced it in his meeting with Mrs. Ellsworth later in the episode, did he not?

Oh, if Alma had only listened to her platonic husband. He tried to warn the poor woman. She gave it her best try, though, and showed she was a shrewd businesswoman. Too bad Hearst does his business through intimidation and violence. I think Alma was as broken-hearted as she was fearful.

So who tries to avenge her first: Mr. Ellsworth, who's clearly bearing a seriously angry grudge? Or Sheriff Bullock, who had his "notice"put right back in his face? I'm betting we see Ellsworth on the business end of a shiv or miner's pick from "The Captain" within the next few weeks. Bullock, meanwhile, needs to turn detective to find something he can stick on Hearst. Maybe he'll find something in Wu's meat locker. (And did you not love Bullock's impersonation of "Swedgin"?) Where the hell's John Goren when you need him?

And Hearst just laid waste to the camp this week! He might as well have rested his big, giant balls outside that hole in the wall leading to his "terrace," after taking on Bullock, terrifying Alma, and calling Tolliver's blackmail bluff and making him his little lap dog. (I can't imagine ol' Cy's much for taking orders. But maybe he wants to get on the winning side while there are still claims to be had.)

Of course, Hearst does answer to his Aunt Lou (or "the Ethiope," as Farnum so tastefully called her). No cobbler until you let her clean those boots! And if her cobbler's anything like the peach-and-raspberry cobbler I had at Slow's in Detroit on Friday, I'd let Aunt Lou order my ass around before she went to play dominoes, too. (You and I have to go there someday, if and when you do see fit to visit our fine state, oh blogging partner o' mine.)

Favorite line of the week? Probably Langrishe's query to Al when he questioned his own manhood: "You seem more to admire in the male asshole than you had hither to?" Lovely. Any movie or TV show is better with Brian Cox in it. Brilliant move to bring him on.

Questions and observations for the week:

▪▪ Does Doc have lung cancer? I say that only because it was Trixie's cigarette smoke that brought on his coughing fit and vomit. Don't die, Doc! The camp needs you!

▪▪ Do you think an IKEA might open outside of camp any time soon? Sol (the "born fuckin' householder") and Trixie could go furniture shopping there. That'd be so cute.

▪▪ When will Merrick find a buddy? He looked so disappointed when Langrishe left him hanging in the thoroughfare. And after Jack got him all hot and bothered by saying he wanted "copious discourse" between them. Somebody show my fellow reporter some love!

▪▪ Have you ever paused to take a look at the Gem's drink menu, posted up behind the bar? All I caught were "Fancy Drinks," and two different prices for whites and blacks. Oh, and whiskey was apparently 10 cents a shot. Mmm... a dime for a shot.

▪▪ And can someone please explain to me what the fuck was going on in that scene between Merrick and Blasanov, with speaking in a high voice? Was that some historical lesson on telegraph transmission I was supposed to be paying attention to? Or was it just funny to hear Blasanov talk in a near-falsetto?

Okay, not so late next time. Can't let this blog slip into disarray!


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