Sunday, July 02, 2006

Again with the Hearsts

Is this becoming a regular Sunday feature at Requiems For a Gleet? Who will diss Deadwood next? Last week, it was Robert (I've heard some call him "Bob") Duvall. This week, it's the Hearst family. What issue would they have with the show... ? The mind truly boggles.

Friday's Albany Times-Union ran a feature on the Hearst family, and how it's been portrayed in Hollywood over the years. (I think the writer's sucking up to some corporate ass. You be the judge.) You may remember Citizen Kane being largely based on William Randolph Hearst. (HBO's RKO 281 dramatized Hearst's outrage over the film.) Decades later, The Cat's Meow implied that Hearst tried to cover up a murder. Then there were all those Patty Hearst movies.

Now, the Hearsts have to contend with David Milch's version of history. And George Hearst, Jr. ain't too happy about what he's seen.

Chairman George Hearst Jr... isn't a fan of the show: "There is no factual integrity in that type of programming." He's also not fond of the blast-furnace profanity that laces almost every lyrical utterance. "After nine years, five months and 29 days in the service (Army), I've heard all those words," he said.

Junior's son, however, is something of a fan, watching it "in the interest of staying informed." He appreciates the writing and acting, and realizes it's largely fiction, dramatized in the name of entertainment. And he kind of cheers on his great-great grandfather. (Can you see it? "Chop off Seth Bullock's finger, Great-Great Grandpa!")

Now there's a smart guy. He should call up Robert Duvall.


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