Thursday, July 20, 2006

Never too early for Christmas shopping

You know, I've always wondered whether I could pull off wearing cowboy boots. Maybe I'll get to find out now.

Gritty TV western DEADWOOD is set to head off into the sunset with its own line of cowboy boots. DAVID MILCH, the creator of the hit US show, has teamed up with designers at western lifestyle clothing and accessories company Billy Martin to produce a new 'Misfit' boot. The new boots will be taller and more classic than most cowboy boots worn today, and in a shape and style straight out of the Wild West. There are also plans to follow the boot line with clothing and accessories inspired by Deadwood, which stars British actor IAN MCSHANE. Items include Victorian-style silk and velvet bodices and waistcoats, like those worn by the characters on the TV show. The entire Deadwood collection will be introduced in Billy Martin boutiques in New York City and Hollywood by the end of the summer (06).

"Misfit" boots ought to suit me just fine. Of course, I'll probably need a hat to go with those boots. I'll start working on the mustache pronto.

(Via Contact Music)


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